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The team at Flatshifter have been designing and building quickshifter systems for over 12 years we have between us competed over many years in motorcycle racing, drag racing, F750 race cars, karting, and bike engined single seater racing.

In Y2K we had been distributing motorcycle quickshifters (The usual up shift only type) for two years and had started receiving customer inquiries about the possibility of clutchless down gear shifts..

As the only down-shifters available then were either crude fixed blip systems or high end systems used in F1, touring cars and world rally cars, we set out to develop our own system.

Our aim was to produce a system that was reliable, affordable, simple to adjust, versatile, low maintenance and worked at all engine and road speeds. It also needed to have an over-rev inhibitor to prevent engine damage caused by the vehicle pushing the engine through the rev limiter by making too many downshifts too quickly.

We tried many different methods which included electric solenoids and motors which all proved to be slow, bulky, unreliable or difficult to control.

Eventually we came up with the idea of using engine manifold vacuum pressure to power and automatically regulate the engine throttle blip required for reliable downshifting.

A patent was applied for and subsequently granted.

We then started manufacturing our own up and down shifting system which proved very popular with bike-engined kit-car and race car owners who were unfamiliar with sequential  gearboxes and they found them easy to break through bad downshifting.


The system has been refined over the years with the use of our own vacuum actuator, and control valves and has proved to be extremely reliable with several thousand units in regular daily use on motorcycles race cars and just about everything fitted with a sequential gearbox..

We have consistently  carried out further developments  to produce an electric solenoid  button or paddle operated gear selector system that would seamlessly integrate with our clutchless gear shift kits  that would enable effortless reliable gear shifting up and down the gearbox

                                                                                                                                  Latest developments.

We are testing on our Suzuki Fireblade our latest product , which will be very useful for racers and disabled motorcycle riders we believe a world 1st a total no input clutch operation system  imagine a twist and go scooter ie start your Hayabusa or blackbird etc engine put into gear accelerate away change gear, nothing to press switch on etc. will work on all motorcycle engines and possibly anything else with a sequential gearbox after further development.

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  • "Hi Graham, We ran our new LCR sidecar on the weekend that I fitted the Flatshifter Expert to. Its terrific! Only a slight adjustment needed & all is good. We dropped 1.3 secon..."
    Duncan rogers
    lcr side car racing team 23.08.2012
  • " Hi Graham Just a line to congratulate you on a great bit of kit ! The Expert/Max/Paddleshift units you supplied recently were fitted without problem, even with my moderate ..."
    Harry moody
    Flatshifter Expert & Max system

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