Quotes Flatshifter.......... In a word "amazing" In a few more words, upshifts ? Fractions of a nanosecond and seamless. Downshifts, weird very very smooth when braking hard. Recommend one ? In a word, YES. Quotes

Quotes Hello Graham , Just a quick line to let you know how the push button shifter worked, "What can i say" it was without doubt the easiest way i have changed gear,once i got my head around the fact that i did not need to use the gear shift with my foot, it was quick both up the box and down and without the need to use the clutch, infact the only time i used the clutch was on the start line. Formula 1 sidecars are not the most comfortable of things to sit in but with the added help of the push buttons to shift gears i had no problems i could just let my legs relax, but the best bit of all my lap times were faster. Thanks for your help Graham regards Stuart Cooper S.T.S RACING F1 SIDECAR Quotes
Stuart Cooper

Quotes Hi Graham & John, The installation of the Flatshifter Pro system to my 2009 MNR Vortx (R1) is now completed and is working great! I am very pleased with the quality of the product and the help and support that you guys gave me during the installation process!. The system has taken the car to the next level and is now a lot more fun to drive! Attached are some pictures that might be helpful for more MNR owners in the future. Thanks and best regards, Jan Quotes

Quotes We recently supplied 3 x Flatshifter ?Shift? strain gauged gear knobs for three Mitsubishi lancer ex works Dakar rally cars ,The owners comment was . Hi Graham, I think the best thing is that we totally forgot about them because we didn't had any issues with them at all. I will look in our picture database and send you some of them. We don't have any video because it was not allowed to carry a onboard camera during the stages. I will check with RTL because we carried a onboard camera from the organization in one of the cars for a couple days. Will send you more tomorrow when I am in the office. Patrick Quotes
3 x Flatshifter ?Shift? strain gauged gear knobs Mits

Quotes Hi graham, we love the gear knob what a difference it makes to the gear change i was short shifting along the pit straight at snett. just to let the lads here the noise it makes as it changes gears its a seamless change which not only makes for a better lap time but takes that shock out of the drive chain that you get as you let the clutch out with a normal change no in car camera at the moment but as soon as, i will let you have the footage Tim hood Quotes
Tim hood
Flatshifter ?Shift? strain gauged gear knob on a race TVR

Quotes Flatshifter enables fast and easy full throttle up shifts. It's like having one really long gear - simply slam the throttle open and bang gears as fast as you possibly can. After experiencing the rapid shifting bliss of the Flatshifter, it makes bikes with conventional shifters passé Call Graham at flatshifter.com. I've used his clutchless up and down shifter for about 3 years now. Excellent product. Yes I fitted the Flatshifter system to lee Adam's car, in fact fitted them to a few cars now and so far no problems, work a treat, Give Graham @ flatshifter a shout.. . Yep go for the Flatshifter, " the dogs bits" for sure as GWR says no probs. As Trev noted I have an SR3 with aero updates so all is good on that front as I won't be able to make any changes in that respect. Your time saved per shift is quite phenomenal, and reason enough to explore the options let alone the time saved under braking if you were to go for the full Expert kit. Quotes
A few short quotes from various racers forums

Quotes Hi Graham, VIR In-car video is up on YouTube!! Check it out and it will show you how awesome your system works. At VIR! We won both races and we set a new track record by 1.1 seconds! (Expert system) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfoQ01ZoxcY&feature=channel_video_title '10 DSR National Champion USA '09,'10 Cendiv DSR Champion Question to Lawrence (above) a gearbox manufacturer / repairer & racer. Lawrence we hear it often said that quickshifters can damage your gearbox, have you stripped and checked your gearbox after a championship winning season using the Flatshifter Expert system. any comments please?? Hello Graham, We have not seen any abnormal wear beyond what a racing does to transmission. It actually looks better than average. we have won every race except one where we decided to run intermediate tires in heavy rain and finished 4th. We also set a new track record every race weekend. Been a fantastic season. Lawrence Loshak Vice President of Manufacturing Quotes
Lawrence loshak
Ceo of gearbox manufacturing co

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