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Flatshifter clutchless downshift system ( Auto throttle blip )how & why this unique system works so well.

20 second video close up of our auto downshift blipper in action. >>

 This is to give you a little more insight into how simple but at the same time how clever & effective our clutchless up shift and unique patented clutchless “auto throttle blip” downshift system is, this system is used on the Flatshifter Pro, Expert, & the downshift only “Blip” systems, anything you are unsure about please contact us.

 The Flatshifter Auto Throttle Blip down shifter employs a patented system which powers and automatically regulates downshifting using engine vacuum this is not a fixed amount of blip system.

The operation of the system is based on the principle that engine inlet manifold vacuum is approximately proportional to engine load when a vehicle is coasting with the throttle closed.

The throttle blip control box houses a valve which, when triggered by the main control box, feeds a timed and regulated pulse of engine vacuum to the throttle blipper which in turn blips the throttle by a controlled amount depending on engine load and rpm.

This gives seamless automatic control downshifts at all speeds with only one variable adjuster which varies the level of blip to suit the drivers preference from aggressive to passive downshifting and everything in-between.

The system has a built-in maximum blip limit to prevent over-revving when downshifts are made too quickly by inhibiting gear-lever movement until the engine rpm has fallen to a safe level for the next downshift, possibly saving the cost expensive engine damage.

STAND ALONE design - No interface problems, no hassles, no miss-communication - everything in all of the Flatshifter systems is self contained.

Installation is simple as the shifter does not require a gear position indicator or engine and wheel speed sensors or even a computer to set everything up . The throttle blipper replaces either your engines idle control screw or the redundant throttle closing cable on fly-by-wire engines.

This down shifter is uncomplicated, compact,extremely reliable, light weight (Expert kit 640 grams), and because it is powered by engine vacuum it is very fast with the capability of up to four downshifts per second.

The system is incorporated into the Flatshifter Expert and Pro shifter kits or can be supplied for downshift-only as the unique Flatshifter “Blip”kit.

Flatshifter concentrate on your driving not on adjustments

Full throttle clutchless up shifts & soft restore feature.

Under normal circumstances when “up shifting” you must ease or roll off the throttle and operate the clutch to enable you to select the next higher gear,when in a racing or competition environment fractions of a second add up, easing of the throttle even the smallest amount can easily make the difference between being a loser instead of a winner.The Flatshifter quickshifter systems are unique with 4 different versions to suit everyone. The most popular version is the Expert system which enables you to do full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts, this is made possible by disconnecting the power to the ignition or fuel injection system for approximately 65ms (much faster than you can blink) which unloads the transmission, allowing the driver or rider to upshift to the next gear without operating the clutch or easing of the throttle. this is where our competitors description ends BUT the Flatshifter Expert system also enable clutchless downshifts!!

The Flatshifter up-shifting control box function employs a unique ignition or fuel interruption system featuring soft restore.

Soft restore.(Unique feature)

The soft-restore feature is a user-friendly method of providing the optimum up shift kill-time without having the complexity or necessity of having individual kill-times for each gear.

Individual kill-times for each gear may be suitable for race applications were close ratio gearshifts are made within a narrow power band and smooth shifts are not important throughout the rev range.

Soft-restore gives smooth up shifts at all revs and speeds with close or wide ratio gearboxes. This is achieved with shift control software that unloads the gearbox by cutting ignition or fuel supply voltage abruptly and then smoothly and progressively restoring the power simulating progressive throttle opening. This allows a kill-time window to suit all gear ratios without the penalty of transmission shock loads caused by long kill-times required for lower gears which cause transmission damage and loss of traction.

This is achieved by rapidly unloading and disengaging the gearbox driving dogs and then progressively speeding the dogs up as they engage the next gear. This system prevents the dogs baulking when they are both rotating at the same speed.

This means that the gearbox driving dogs are rapidly unloaded and then progressively speed-ed up to synchronize with the dogs of the next gear so reducing shock loads to the transmission and drive train.
When changing down the box the gearbox dogs are also meshed but on the opposite faces. This is due to the compression of the engine acting as a brake. Precisely blipping the throttle by the correct amount at the correct time provides a brief window when the gears are unloaded and the shift can take place.. The ignition or fuel interrupt is of no use in this situation as killing the engine will make the engine braking even more severe and mesh the gears even more firmly. This is why a throttle blip is required for downshifting which means that both up and downshifts can be made clutchless (The clutch is still required when selecting 1st gear & pulling away).

The Flatshifter Max electric gear-selector system will complete a down shift in about 50 milli seconds there is a delay of 10 milli secs after the paddle has been operated then about 35-40 milli secs to complete the shift it can be got down to about 35 milli secs TOTAL if it is a really good installation.

The power consumption of the electric gearshift system, is 35 amps per gearshift which may seem a lot BUT this is for a total time of 30 milli seconds a standard 9 amp sealed lead acid battery running a total loss situation i.e. no battery charging system will do 100`s of gearshifts before the battery requires charging the cumulative amount of power used is very small as the amount of time the 35 amps is used is incredibly short. the gearshift actuator is a totally sealed unit so stones

and water should not be a problem.


We have on test at the moment a new system that eliminates any manual clutch operation at all,You literally start your engine select 1st gear and accelerate away press the handle bar mounted button for 2nd 3rd etc. and that's it, this system is totally unique and nothing else similar is available elsewhere, ideal for disabled motorcycle riders or kit & bike engined race car drivers or virtually any vehicle with a sequential transmission.. THIS SYSTEM WORKS ON ANY SIZE OR POWER MOTORCYCLE ENGINE UNLIKE CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCHES IE GOT A HAYABUSA TURBO NO PROBLEM !!! so your not restricted to small motorcycles engines like you normally are with centrifugal clutches, this unique new system uses the original engine manufacturers clutch unmodified and does not involve dismantling any part of your engines or transmission this is a fully adjustable system adjust it to suit your requirements.

Some of the Advantages found by using the latest Flatshifter quickshifter systems.

1 Full or part throttle clutchless up gearshifts

2 Clutchless downshifts (patented system)

3 Gives engine braking on downshifts.

4 Allows more time to concentrate on lines & braking points less driver /rider fatigue.

5 Built in inhibitor to prevent engine damage from over revving on downshifts.

6 Less gearbox /clutch & drive line wear.

7 Faster more consistent lap times.

8 Allows deeper braking into corners with left foot braking (cars)

9 Suits most motorcycles & all bike-engined vehicles race or road, as well as virtually all other sequential transmissions.

10 Over 11 years experience in designing and manufacturing the worlds best quickshifters.

11 Blips the throttle by a controlled amount depending on engine load and rpm not a fixed amount of blip.

12 value for money most systems universal so remove and fit onto your next machine.

13 Still retains the full /normal use of your clutch.

14 Not model specific most kits can be removed and fitted to your next machine.

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