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       Flatshifter Auto Clutch, Control System.


Flatshifter Auto Clutch,Control System*

Innovation not imitation*.

 The Flatshifter Automatic Clutch Control System allows an original equipment manual clutch to be controlled automatically by using the vehicle’s throttle only, in a similar manner to a torque converter on an automatic transmission.

 The Flatshifter Automatic Clutch Control actuator replaces the vehicle’s clutch lever or clutch pedal allowing the vehicle to move off from stationary and be brought to a halt using the throttle and brakes only.

 Method of operation

 With the vehicle’s engine running and at idle speed the clutch is automatically fully disengaged.

 After engaging first gear, and with the brakes applied, the throttle can be opened so the engine speed is increased to fast idle speed, typically 2000 to 2500 rpm, and the clutch will be partly engaged at the "biting point" but the engine will not stall.
When the vehicle is required to move forward the brakes are released. If the vehicle is on an upward slope or has some other additional resistance to overcome the throttle can be opened further to gradually increase the torque applied through the clutch.

 As the engine speed increases the clutch is progressively & automatically released. At a preset road speed (selected by you) the clutch is completely released. Typically set to around 20 to 25 mph.

 When a gear shift is required the throttle is closed and finger operated override button is pressed which disengages the clutch allowing up or down gear shifts to be made. Releasing the switch re-engages the clutch.

 When the vehicle is required to come to a halt downshifts are made in the normal manner and the clutch automatically disengages as the vehicle comes to halt.

 User adjustable settings

1 Clutch “biting point" level.

 2 Engine rpm at which the "biting point" is reached.

 3 The amount the “biting point” level is raised by increased throttle opening.

 4 Road speeds at which the clutch is fully released.

 The Flatshifter Automatic Clutch System has very low power consumption as the actuator is powered by engine manifold vacuum which is effectively free energy. The current consumption of the control box and control is less than two amps.
Fit with Flatshifter Max electric gear-selector kit to operate the clutch and change gear with one press of the button.
 * Patent applied for.

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