Flatshifter `Shift` Strain Gauged Gear Knob.

The Flatshifter 'shift' is a strain gauged shear beam force sensor gear knob which is designed to replace the OEM gear knob on a sequential gearbox to enable clutchless up and down shifting using our patented Flatshifter systems or any other makers gear shifting system, or ECU ignition-cut and throttle blip functions.

This gear knob utilises the latest full bridge strain gauged shear beam load cell that causes the force applied to the gear knob cover to act at the instantaneous center of rotation of the gear lever making the device insensitive to hand position, unlike similar sensors that use bending beam load cells.The device is supplied complete with cover, cable and connector.An amplifier module is supplied to excite the bridge and amplify the bridge output. Several amplifier options are available to suit individual applications.

Gear Knob Specification

Force Range Bi- directional 1–12Kg (10–120N).

Gauge resistance 350 Ohms.

Excitation voltage 5 Volts

Temperature range -10 – +50 deg. C.

Max overload 150% FS.

Tightening torque 16 Nm.

Attachment Thread M10 x 1.5 or 1/2inch dia. for Quaife gearboxes.

Cable. 1 meter four core shielded cable fitted with Binder IP40 conn.

Weight. 168 Grams.

Ex works Mitsubishi lancer on Dhaka rally using Flatshifter strain gauge g knob.

Customer comment (3 x  Dhaka cars)|

Hi Graham,

I think the best thing is that we totally forgot about them because we didn't had any issues with them at all. I will look in our picture database and send you some of them. We don't have any video because it was not allowed to carry a on-board camera during the stages.

I will check with RTL because we carried a on-board camera from the organization in one of the cars for a couple days.

Will send you more tomorrow when I am in the office.


Flatshifter Amplifier Module options

1 Flatshifter Amplifier Module. This version connects the gear knob to the Flatshifter shifter system as an alternative to the shift rod. The trigger level is set via the adjusting knob on the amplifier module.

2 Ref. 2.5 volts Amplifier Module. This version gives a 2.5 volt output with no load on the load cell with the voltage rising above or falling below 2.5 volts depending on if the gear knob is pushed or pulled.

3 Ref 0 volts Amplifier Module. This gives 0 volts output with no load on the load cell and gives a positive or negative output depending on if the gear knob is pushed or pulled.

4 Dual Input Amplifier Module. ECU input signal wires for up-shift or downshift are switched to ground at a pre-set trigger level depending on whether the gear knob is pushed or pulled. The trigger level is adjustable via an adjusting knob on the amplifier module.

Please note options 2, 3, and 4 require a 12 volt DC supply and ground connection.

IMPORTANT NOTE this is the latest far superior full bridge strain gauged shear beam not the INFERIOR bending beam system offered elsewhere at a lot more money, please send us your email address for a full detailed explanation.

Price for gear knob & amplifier

UK & EU customers prices include inc VAT £690.80. £575.00 without VAT added (non EU customers).




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